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Booking Advice

Finding a DJ or Mobile Disco
When you’re looking to book a DJ for your event, the biggest mistake you could ever make is by booking a DJ simply based upon price. Your priority should be to ensure that your DJ can provide you with a service that is suitable for your requirements.

The cost will differ according to the time, date and the equipment required to host your event. Some of the more professional DJ’s are able to offer a selection of packages. These packages usually start form the basics then extend to include more elaborate enjoyable enhancements such as lasers, smoke and strobe lights. With these options you are then able to book what you want to suit your budget.

There are a lot of factors to consider when making a booking, hopefully this information will give you all the advice you need to ensure that you are booking with the right person as well as maximizing your options to ensure that your event is an unforgettable success.

I strongly recommend that you book with a company or DJ that has public liability insurance (PLI). This is important should anything happen to either yourself or any of your guests, such as a trip on a lead etc. You can ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate to prove they are insured.

I would also recommend asking if their equipment is PAT tested, this is an annual electrical safety test of all their equipment. This is a good way of ensuring you are booking a DJ whose equipment has been checked by the proper authority. Yet again you may ask for a copy of the certificate. Please be aware that any equipment that is under a year old doesn’t need to be PAT tested.

Booking & Deposits
A professional DJ/Company will require you to complete a booking form and pay a deposit in advance of your event, if they don’t require this of you then I’m afraid it’s a tell tale sign of an Armature/Cowboy Outfit.

Music & Play Lists
I recommend that you lease with your DJ in advance to ensure that your playlist and entertainment throughout the evening is pre arranged to avoid disappointment.

Equipment & Presentation
Ask the DJ what equipment they use. Names like Technics, Denon, Allen & Heath, Martin, Pioneer, Abstract, QSC, Crown, FBT, RCF, Jem and Shure should be mentioned as these are the industry standard and above, however there are many other top brands out there not to be dismissed. The quality of the equipment used always reflects the standard of the DJ. Another important factor is whether or not the venue has noise restrictions placed upon it, if so the DJ will need to know in advance. Also find out if the venue allows some of their equipment such as fog, smoke, haze or bubble machines.

Ask your DJ what they will be wearing to the event? ripped jeans, trainers and an old t-shirt might not be what your looking for, ask them if they’ll be dressed appropriately. Most DJ's will be smartly dressed unless you state otherwise.

Hotel - Resident DJ's
Don't rely solely on the recommendation of venue managers, venues are businesses and in most cases they’ll recommend their resident DJ probably because he was the cheapest that they could find in order to make a mark up. If you do decide to book a resident DJ then make sure your given their contact details so you can check them out in advance, if they don’t meet your requirements then simply don’t use them. Not all venues operate in this way, the better venues don’t look to make a mark up on any of the contractors that they use and will only recommend professionals as poor workmanship will reflect badly on them.

By following the above advice hopefully it will ensure that you book a professional DJ for your event.

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