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Why Use Us?

  • You are dealing with a professional registered company
  • Established Since 1995
  • Public Liability Insurance cover to the value of £5,000,000
  • All equipment is PAT tested annually
  • All genres of music covered at the touch of a button with both laptop and CDJ systems
  • Constant commitment to our customers making sure we have the best DJ's, equipment and the latest music
  • Personalised discos to suit your requirements
  • Concert System Available (Max Capacity 1000)
  • Consultations Available (Fee’s Apply)
  • Superb Customer Feedback - click here to view examples
  • Online customer account to review details of the agreement, update contact information, request changes, make further payments and complete various planning forms

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
Our charges are based on the date, times, duration and location of your function. We do have fixed prices however they only apply to functions and events being held in East Yorkshire.

What kind of music can you play?
We have an extensive music collection spanning the decade’s right through to current date. Whether you’re looking for an experienced personality DJ for a family function, pub quiz or a seasoned professional to mix it up on the decks, look no further!

Will you play requests?
Yes, were happy to take requests on the night from you or any of your guests.

Do you confirm the booking?
Yes, we send electronic confirmation via email.

Can I book a DJ online?
Yes, click here to book online.

How long do you need to set up, and how much space do you require?
For most functions we allow an hour for setting up, we would also require approximately 4m x 2m of space for setting up. For larger functions additional time and space would be required.

Does it make any difference if my party is upstairs?
We ask what floor the party is on to ensure the DJ knows where he is going. We will also need to allow a longer time to set up if the functions upstairs.

Do you use good light effects?
Yes, we have a selection of lighting effects to create a party ambience at your venue. A smoke or haze machine used sensibly can dramatically enhance the lighting effects, these machines are available upon request as an extra, however please check in advance that your venue allows the use of a smoke/haze machines.

What will the DJ wear?
Our dress code is smart, casual or black tie. Please indicate your preference when making your enquiry.

Do you do Children's Parties?
Yes, we have a number of DJs who are experienced in Children’s Discos, however we do ask for parental supervision and participation!

Have you got Public Liability Insurance (PLI) ?
Yes, We hold £5m Public Liability Insurance cover.

What about Health & Safety – is your equipment tested?
Yes, Our equipment is Portable Appliance tested (PAT) annually in accordance with the Health & Safety electricity at work act 1989.

The venue requires PAT & PLI certificates. Is this possible?
Yes, we will simply forward them to the venue via email.

Do you have a decent sound system available for an event that is been held in a marquee?
Yes, We’ve built a couple of larger systems especially for this type of work, this has been recognised by some of the best marquee companies in the business and as a result we get a lot of recommendations from them.

Is it possible to have a consultation prior to making a booking?
Yes, face-to-face consultations for individuals, couples, small groups and venue managers can be arranged to take place at your home, at a public house or preferably at the venue of the event. (Fee's apply)

Is it possible to pay the outstanding balance online?
Yes, login to the client area to make a payment.

My DJ has let me down at the last minute, can you help?
Unfortunately we regularly receive calls from people in a blind panic trying to book someone  on the night because they have been let down without notice, usually this is because they booked someone for as little as £150 or got someone through a friend of a friend. We can sometimes provide DJ's at short notice if we have availability however there is an additional £50.00 charge on top of our normal fees.

Is there anything we can do to help the night run smoothly?There are lots of things that you can do, most of which are common sense. The two main  things are as follows; Let the DJ do his job, we often find that event managers, organizers and guests try to dictate the entire set including what order it should be played in. Although we don't mind having a part playlist as a guide to go by or slipping in the odd request, you have to remember that the main skill of the DJ is to mix, read the dance-floor and play the right music.

If there is an outstanding balance to be paid on the night, make sure you greet the DJ on arrival and pay him in cash without him having to ask you for it. It's really embarrassing having to take people to one side and ask for the balance to be settled, especially since it was all pre arranged in advance.

Can you provide a microphone for speeches?
Yes, you can use the DJ's lead mic, or we can supply a Shure SM58 wireless mic at the additional cost of £30. Please Note: The SM58 is an extremely expensive microphone and the host of the event is responsible for it and liable for any damages causes by negligences or mistreatment, as with all the equipment. We ask you politely NOT TO BANG YOUR HAND ON THE MICROPHONE to see if it is working, this not only destroys the microphone but can also damage the speakers.

Do you have any suggestion with regard to the finish time?
We would suggest that you think very carefully about your finish time. We have noticed that since the late license reform in 2005 which allowed venues to stay open for longer, some events tend to fizzle out which of course totally destroys the delivery of the night. At weddings in particular where you may only have 60-120 guests you will find that most people tend to leave at around midnight, it is much better to finish the night on a high to a full room, than to finish with four or five people left wondering around aimlessly. Also, it should be noted that if you have agreed a finish time with your DJ that your guests respect that and don’t abuse the DJ for finishing earlier than they would like him to. 

The venue has difficult access, will this increase the price?
Yes, unfortunately it will due to the extra time required and additional cost of employing someone to help load & un-load the equipment. We can sometimes waive this fee if we get a signed agreement to state that you can provide someone to help carry the equipment in and out. The fee is still payable upon booking however it will be returned providing the person allocated worked both ways (in and out) at a satisfactory level. The person allocated will need to sign a disclaimer that removes any responsibility from us should they suffer any form of injury as a result of heavy lifting. If the help promised is not forthcoming and fails to help us properly, then the surcharge taken to cover the cost of a roadie would not be returned. Generally speaking if a venue has particularly bad access then they usually have someone on hand to help out free of charge, it’s worth looking into.

I found a DJ for £150, why should I book with you?
There are a lot of DJs in the industry all providing different services as well as different levels of service, we suggest you look closely and compare the two like for like. See what they have to offer.. past experience, a good reputation, A1 feedback and certificates are all necessary requirements for a successful event. It’s also really nice to do business with like minded people, people that are prompt, friendly and accurate in their replies and correspondence. We offer all of the above as well as our invaluable expert knowledge and advise, we can tell you things you would have never even of thought of. We pride ourselves on our reputation and once you have booked with us you can rest assured knowing that we will turn up. We appreciate how important your event is and rely on our reputation being untarnished! There are minimum requirements needed by most venues, some of the amateur DJs won’t even get through the door, you may only find out on the night that they are unable to perform due to not meeting the minimum criteria for the venue.

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